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Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning is the general description of planning for an elderly adult who is requires long-term care. This planning may happen years before, and involve transfers to family members, or may occur when a person needs long-term care. The planning involves an understanding of federal and state Medicaid laws, state special assistance laws, Veteran’s benefits and other benefit options. The attorney involved has to have a significant understanding of the rules involved, and must have a understanding of assets, income sources, and estate planning.

For single adults, planning is difficult. While there are exceptions to every rule, usually single adults who have to go into long-term care will have significant expenses. Of course, the exceptions are important, and can make all the difference. For married adults, the planning is much more fruitful. The Medicaid rules allow protection of spouses. However, while Medicaid “allows” protection of spouses, Medicaid does not actually protect spouses: the family has to take very complicated steps to protect the spouse, and Medicaid will not help.